Is it possible to turn multiple passions into a career? Is it possible to wear a different hat every day of the week? Today at Balance Festival in East London, I spoke about this exact idea and shared my experiences of how I have done just that.

Along with some very inspiring leaders in the wellness industry, Lauren Armes led the panel to discuss what it takes to transition into the wellness industry and what you may need to be aware of along the journey. Panelists included Yoga Teacher Guru Adam Husler and wellness coach Mel Noakes who both shared valuable insights when changing from the corporate world into the world of wellness.

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If it’s your first time here on the blog, welcome! Along with sharing my travel adventures and wellness tips here on Wood and Luxe, you may or may not know that I also do a few other jobs and wear a few very different hats throughout the week. I am the CEO and Co-founder of London based activewear brand Silou and in my free time I teach yoga in London and abroad on fitness retreats. I love everything I do and have worked very hard over the past 4 years to transition from a 9-5 job in corporate marketing to my life I lead today.

If you’re reading this and think that doing the above seems impossible to you now, remember that I too, once worked in a office job, confined to the 9-5 work hours (or even longer) and my annual leave was capped at 4 weeks each year.

From the age of 21 to 29 I worked in different marketing roles across cosmetics, travel and wellness but I never felt 100% job satisfaction. There were no “thank yous” and I felt that we were all part of an inexorable vicious rat race cycle to unfulfilment. Wake up, workout, go to work, go home, go to sleep. I wanted more. Much more.

If you had asked me 4 years ago after I quit my last full time job, that life today would look like it does, I would have said “no way.” I had just resigned as Digital Marketing Specialist at David Jones in Sydney and was embarking on a month’s travel in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, London and Amsterdam. I was then to return to Sydney to start a TV presenting course and to start my own marketing agency.

Fast forward a year from that date, I had my UK 2 year working visa approved and I’d sold everything I owned to move to London. I enrolled in my Yoga Teacher training and planned to visit as many countries as possible using Wood and Luxe as my platform.

You just don’t know what life has install for you. Now, after living in London for 2.5+ years, here’s what I can tell you about turning your multiple passions into a career:


Whatever your passion or dream job is, you first have to believe in yourself and know that you have the potential to do amazing things. It may not be easy, and you may still have days of self doubt, but you do have the magic inside you to make it happen.

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You are probably dying to quit your job that you don’t like and jump into a new career, but sometimes it’s good to start small. Start something on the side and nurture it while you still have the security of a full time job. If it sets your heart on fire, then you know you are on the right track to life and career happiness.


I’m a big believer that you become like the people around you. So choose your friends and associates wisely. Surround yourself with successful people, kind people, like minded people, people that are inspiring and encouraging. Life is too short to hang out with people that will bring you down and try to squash your amazingness. If your friends don’t make you feel good and believe in your crazy dreams, then it’s maybe time to leave them behind.

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Once a student, always a student. Be hungry for new skills and know that education is an investment into your future and for your mind. From a photography course to a HTML coding course, no course or workshop is ever a waste. Human beings are curious, so don’t think it’s strange to educate yourself in an area of interest. Each year I plan 2-4+ courses to up skill myself in all different areas.


Each month or each quarter, I take time to optimise all of the areas in my life. What’s working? What’s not working? Do I want to do more of this? What is taking too much of my energy? I am continually optimising the areas of my life and businesses to ensure optimal happiness and income. Don’t be afraid to say no to something that no longer serves you.

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Last but not least, stop caring what people think. As soon as you stop listening to other people’s opinions of your life and your decisions, the sooner you will be set free. If I had listened to the “You’re 30 and too old to move London” or “you don’t have a job over there” I would have never actually left the shores of Australia. I’m not saying that your parents, partners or friends don’t have your best interest at heart, but the most important voice to listen to you, is the one inside you. Listen to your gut, listen to your heart. It knows the way.

So if you are contemplating turning your passion or multiple passions into a career, I hope the above tips can encourage you to start thinking about making it a reality. The first step is actually acknowledging that burning desire inside you that you need to make a change, and that change needs to start today.

If you are on the fence about starting your own thing or transitioning into a new career, I am available for 1-to-1 coaching sessions. I only have one slot available at the moment so if you are serious about changing your life, send me an email expressing your interest in working together.

If you found this post interesting, and you would love to see more career and business tips, leave me a comment below.

Big love,

X Phoebe

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  • Naomi

    Hi Phoebe, Ive been following you on Instagram and also wood and luxe for a few years. I find your story very inspiring, and love following along on your travels. You seem like the most positive, hard working, genuine person! I am from the Blue Mountains, and about to turn 24, and just about ready to have my quarter life crisis. Ive recently moved back in with my mum, after quitting Uni because I just wasnt happy, and am now working part time at a backpacker hostel. Trying to decide what move to make next! I am interested how you have managed to live in London beyond the 2 year working visa, and would be interesed in hearing about your journey that lead you there? I have considered maybe next year ill apply for my visa for the UK, something ive always wanted to do, as I am a keen traveller, but have always held off applying because I have no clue what I would do there, as all my work history has been Hospotality, and its so expensive there! Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for being such a bright shining star on the internet and being so inspiring! xx

    • Hi Naomi,
      Thank you for following along my journey! My best piece of advice is take that plunge and move to the UK. It was the best thing I ever did and will never look back. Look at it as an adventure! I used my 2 year working visa, and now my partner is British, so we have a partner visa. Thank you for your kind words. All I can say is follow your heart + take that adventure xx

  • Oh my gosh, I have so much love for you! This was such an inspiring post, lovely lady! Thank you for your amazing tips. You will motivate and inspire so many people who are too scared to take the plunge into following their dreams. Thank you for being so fabulous and such a force of positive energy! Xx

    • Hi Emma,
      Nawe – you are too sweet. I hope they help you building your career to the fullest potential. I love writing about this type of content so let me know if you have any other areas you need help in x

  • Aoife Scott

    Cannot agree more with the friends point. If only my family were as supportive about my dream. I have started a blog and only one of my sisters knows about it because I feel the rest of my family will judge me. I would love if you would check it out and let me know what you think…. xxx

    • Thanks for sharing Aoife. I started not showing my blog to close and friends too as I wasnt ready to be judged. But after a few months, I was like, what the heck! Just do it! xx