yeotown health retreat

Wood and Luxe is a London-based travel and wellness blog designed to inspire readers to follow their dreams. By combining travel, wellness and yoga, Wood and Luxe aims to be an online destination of travel tips and wellness hacks that will help you live a happier and healthier life while exploring the world.

The wood represents the mother nature, ethical living and wellness in all areas of your life. The luxe is everything luxurious. Whether that be a one hour massage in an exclusive spa in the Maldives, a plush yoga retreat or a new luxury sustainable brand. Wood and Luxe is where these two worlds collide.


Hello fellow adventures and wellness enthusiasts. I’m Phoebe, a 33 year old travel lifestyle blogger, yoga teacher, business consultant and lover of all things turquoise blue. After 10 years of working in the corporate marketing world for luxury, travel and wellness companies, it was time to start my own. The blog is 4 years old however I’ve been saving up for overseas trips since the age of 16. I’ve visited 50 countries and my curiosity grows with every new adventure.

My mission is to inspire you to travel the world, try new things (like yoga), have an open mind about wellness and encourage you to trust your heart in all things. I’m so honoured with the opportunities that have come about with the blog and the amazing people I have met along the way.

You can find my adventures on YouTube (actually a travel presenter would be a dream job). And I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Come follow this crazy journey with me across the world. Next stop 100 countries.