You haven’t been happy in your job for a while. You have been thinking about changing your job or changing your career but you don’t know what that will look like. I’ve been there and yes it is scary but it is so worth it in the end. I would never turn back and get … Continue Reading

6 Tips to Turn Your Passion into a Successful Career

Is it possible to turn multiple passions into a career? Is it possible to wear a different hat every day of the week? Today at Balance Festival in East London, I spoke about this exact idea and shared my experiences of how I have done just that. Along with some very inspiring leaders in the … Continue Reading

Wood, Luxury and Wellness in Northern Croatia with Clickstay

When the opportunity arises to visit a ridiculously good looking Clickstay villa in Northern Croatia, my immediate reaction is to grab the girl gang and book flights pronto! Life is short, why not enjoy these amazing moments while you can?? After a quick google to see where the villa was located and what the weather … Continue Reading

5 Yoga Poses for A Spring Detox

One of yoga’s many benefits include riding the body of toxins that we can store in our organs. Here are 5 of my favourite yoga poses that help detox the body. The poses include lots of twists to remove toxins, poses to stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland and all of them will aim to kick start the … Continue Reading

Yeotown Luxury Health and Wellness Retreat in Devon

For years I’ve been on the “detox” bandwagon after my mum led by example when growing up in Australia. The benefits include weight loss, clear skin and clarity of mind to mention a few. Yeotown has to be up there with the most enjoyable and luxury detox experiences in the country. Find out what I … Continue Reading

Hiking in Nusskio National Park, Helsinki

When I plan a holiday to a new country or city, I always research the most active and outdoorsy activities you can do. With a trip to Helsinki with the bestie in the diary, it was time to get researching. After a quick google and to my surprise, I discovered that Nuuskio National Park was … Continue Reading