My First Trip to Kenya, Watamu National Park

Country #51 was pretty special one for me. I’d never been to this part of the world before, so visiting Watamu National Park in Kenya will always hold a special part in my heart. I had no idea what to expect, so I went with no expectations, no itinerary and no bucket list items to … Continue Reading

An African Honeymoon: South Africa and Madagascar

If you’re thinking of planning a African honeymoon, our Guest writer Claire Mans has a few tips to share with you. She enjoyed a 2 week, 2 part honeymoon in South Africa and Madagascar in August this year. From previous experience with a trip that included the Maldives, India and Sri Lanka, I can say first hand … Continue Reading

Where to EAT, SLEEP, DRINK and EXPLORE in Marrakech

Back when I lived in Australia, Marrakech seemed like it was on the other side of the world – literally! Now based in London, places like Marrakech are so much more doable, especially for a long weekend. And that’s what we did, we booked a last minute trip to Marrakech for the Easter long weekend. … Continue Reading

La Sultana: Marrakech’s Luxury Day Spa in the Medina

As a bit of self confessed day spa addict, it’s getting harder and harder to be impressed by a pamper experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a hard gig trialling and testing the exotic, the traditional and the unusual experiences, it’s just after a while they all start to blend into each other. What sets a … Continue Reading