Where to Eat Green, Sip Cocktails and Practice Yoga in Bali

After visiting Bali 4 times in the last couple of years, my friends are always hitting me up for my to-do lists for the land of cocktails and sunsets. Let me tell you, your Bali experience all depends on who you go with, where you stay and the places you visit. I spent my 30th birthday … Continue Reading

5 Places not to MISS on your first trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those crazy colourful places that envelops the senses. Mix the aromas of the Vietnamese Parisian cuisine with the stretches of pristine beaches and top it off with the handful of beautiful heritage listed sites. Vietnam has a little something for everyone. East truly meets west when discovering Vietnam, and here are … Continue Reading

Niyagama House – A Yogi’s Parardise

During my recent trip to Sri Lanka I was lucky to come across Niyagama House – a yoga retreat in a tea plantation! My ultimate yoga/travel dream! After travelling through India for the past couple of weeks, I was yet to have a truly blissful & calming yoga experience.

35 degrees in India

The average temperature here in India has been 35 degrees! Talk about stinking hot! The only way to keep cool is dressing in light and breazy fabrics. This has been super challenging as all the sightseeing temples, mosques & historical landmarks require your legs to be covered up.

The Taj Mahal baby

Woah hey Taj, you’re pretty amaze-balls……and you definitely knocked my socks off! Located in Agra, Uttah Pradesh, India, the Taj Mahal is right up there as one of the most breath taking monuments I’ve ever seen. After years of travelling the world, it gets harder and harder to be blown away by a historical sight, but the Taj Mahal really exceeded my expectations.

Crazy, beautiful, India.

India was so many things to me and all at one time. Crazy, calm, colourful, captivating and challenging. The streets are teaming with people, literally life was overflowing in every corner, street and slum. It’s hard to explain the poignant smells and chaotic noise that fill the air whilst walking through the dust covered towns,