5 Yoga Poses for A Spring Detox

One of yoga’s many benefits include riding the body of toxins that we can store in our organs. Here are 5 of my favourite yoga poses that help detox the body. The poses include lots of twists to remove toxins, poses to stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland and all of them will aim to kick start the … Continue Reading

Yoga and Surf Retreat – Escape to Portugal with Me

Are you in need of an escape where you can spend a week abroad feeling absolutely amazing? This September, you can do just that. Jen Moore has invited me to co-host her surfing and yoga retreat in sunny Portugal and you can join us too. The retreat week will consist of learning to surf, yoga in … Continue Reading

Easter Fitness, Health and Yoga Retreat – Crete

Are you looking for a healthy escape in April this year? I will be heading to Crete with the HHH team to co-host their fitness and wellness retreat. This Cretan paradise is semi secluded, private and peaceful, and the beachfront location provides a tranquil escape from the hectic city lifestyle. The team at HHH are experts in … Continue Reading

Yoga for Runners – My 8 Favourite Post Run Yoga Stretches

I believe running is one of the best form of exercises you can do for the body. It’s natural, it’s free and you can do it almost anywhere. It’s the perfect exercise to take on holidays and to explore a new city. But a lot of runners don’t do the appropriate stretches post run which … Continue Reading

Yoga Connects Festival UK

7 Reasons you Need to go to Yoga Connects Festival This year I was lucky enough to win tickets on Instagram to the Yoga Connects Festival in Leicestershire. I could bring 2 friends and I was super excited as I had never been to a full blown yoga festival. I enlisted two fellow yoga teacher … Continue Reading

5 Strength Building Yoga Poses

When you think of strength training, most people immediately think of lifting weights in the gym. But  over the years, yoga has helped me gain some incredible core and overall body strength that I would not ordinarily find by lifting weights. Yoga uses both isometric and eccentric contractions to strengthen a muscle as it stretches, … Continue Reading