Last minute beach trips are always sneaking into my calendar which means I’m not always ready to jump into a bikini. Travelling to so many different places for work and the blog means I can’t always stick to my wellness routine. I don’t always have access to the foods I like or squeeze in my types of workouts around my schedule. So when it comes to feeling beach body confident, here are my go-to recommendations the week before you leave:


When I feel good in my body, I feel confident, so for me that means stepping up the intensity in my daily training schedule or mixing up the style of training. Our bodies can get use to the same type of training so throwing in a new style of workout can really help to shake things up. I love the quote, “You can’t expect different results when doing the same thing.” So when it came a last minute trip to Kenya came up, I signed up for a week of F45 training here in London. 

F45 Training Farrindon London

F45 is a circuit style workout, integrating functional movements over a 45 minute class. The F45 classes alternate between a mixture of cardio HIIT training and resistance based workouts. And I am addicted. They are sweat-heavy and I haven’t yet escaped a day without leaving completely drenched. And after a week of classes (6 days in total as they are closed on Sundays), I feel like I’m ready to hit the beach. I’ve toned up all over as the trainers encouraged me to lift heavier weights than normal, and there wasn’t a class where I didn’t get pushed to my limits. The trainers at F45 Farringdon are great and I’ll definiately be going back once I get back to London next month.

F45 training


Feeling sexy in a bikini for me means getting rid of any bloating. I eat healthy 90% of my week but I equally live a life of balance with a glass of red wine and sweet potato fries. Working as a CEO during the day, yoga teaching at night and travelling most weeks, I’m sometimes resort to whatever is left in the fridge or what I can order on deliveroo. I knew if I could portion control my foods, I’d have a better chance at feeling better in my bikini which is where Fresh Fitness Food (FFF) comes in.

fresh fitness food

FFF is a bespoke meal delivery service, delivered straight to your door. Your meals are calculated correctly to your activity levels and body goals so it takes the fuss out of cooking and meal prep. I choose the Summer Body package which uses your height, weight, age and exercise frequency and their nutritional calculators will recommend a set of daily calories and macros unique to your summer body goals.

fresh fitness food

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about counting calories day to day, but when someone can do it for you – I’m all for it. And not having to worry about shopping, calorie counting, cooking and cleaning – well there is nothing better.

fresh fitness food

Before starting with FFF, a consultant rings you to talk over what you can/cannot eat and what you prefer for your breakfasts and snacks. I love a savoury breakfast and savoury snacks, but gave both a try for the variety.

Each morning your bag is delivered with three meals, two snacks and a juice. It couldn’t have been easier if I tried! 


For me – the two killer things that bloat me are coffee and alcohol so I said good bye to them for the week leading up to my holiday in Kenya. Coffee may agree with you so go ahead and keep drinking it, but for me, after every cup no matter how I drink it I’m immediately bloated. I substituted my coffee with a cup of Barley Cup which seemed to do the trick. I don’t so much have coffee for the caffine, I love the taste and smell of it along with the social aspect.


It was super important to get enough sleep every night and an adequate amount of stretching. I made sure I did yoga everyday at home for at least 15 minutes to ensure I wasn’t getting to tense from all the new training. I also went to a 2 hour Yin yoga class on the weekend, followed by a massage at home to ensure I had enough recovery.

yoga rest


I originally took before and after photos just for me to see, but after seeing the results I wanted to show you the difference in just one week. I can really visually notice the different around my abs. They do say that abs are made in the kitchen, so with the planned meals from FFF, it really did do the trick. I lost 2 kilos on the scales (but this wasn’t part of the goal) but it’s good to know how effective the F45 + FFF combination was for me. I lost centimetres around my waist, thighs, hips and bottom and feel so much better after the week’s challenge. I can’t wait to get back from my travels this month, and continue with the F45 training. 

BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

f45 challenge f45 challenge beach body ready

Honestly, I feel amazing. My clothes fit better and my friends have commented about how healthy I Iook. I don’t believe last minute drastic dieting and starvation is the key to feeling great on the beach as it’s not sustainable. I believe balanced meals from wholesome foods sources and super effective training is the way to go. 


Last but not least, if you know you will feel better with a tan before hitting the beach, a natural layer of fake tan will always do the trick. I usually dry body brush every day of the week leading up to the holiday, and fake tan the night before. Currently I’m using the Bondi Sands tan. I didn’t feel that I needed to tan before Kenya, as I’ve been out in the sun quite a lot.

beach body confident

Want to do the same challenge before your upcoming Summer holiday? Head to F45 to see what’s the best location is for you and you can receive 10% off a FFF package by using PHOGRE10 at the checkout on the FFF website.

What’s your key to feeling beach body confident? I’d love to know in the comments below.

x Phoebe

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