Yes that’s right, today I saw my very first flamingo or lets say 100 flamingos!! I am still in awe of the whole experience which is slowing soaking in as I edit my photos. Today marks 2 weeks in Cyprus staying in a beautiful coastal town called Maroni. To date, my experience has been delightfully overwhelming which is why I am yet to book my return flight back to London. When it’s averaging 24 degrees here everyday and London is getting colder by the minute,  it’s a no-brainer to stay here a little longer.



Now back to the flamingos… OMG FLAMINGOS! I thought that if I ever wanted to see them in real life – you know – just casually swanning around a lake, I’d have to venture to Africa, Florida or even the Galapagos islands (all of which I am yet to visit). But no, today was a very magical day, after hearing the Flamingos were in town – I knew I had to see them for myself.

After breakfast, we drove into town with anticipation that they might have already flown onto their next destination. After a 30 minute drive and just as we were approaching Larnaca Salt Lake I realised I was holding my breath. Seriously who gets this excited for a bird sighting? I was definitely having a David Attenborough moment. Nek minute, there was one, two, three…. no there were fifty or more pink flamingos elegantly wading around the lake. Until yesterday, the lake was as dry as the Sahara desert dusted with a layer of salt. But now it was full of beautiful pastel pink creatures! WOW!

Flamingos Cyprus

I couldn’t contain my excitement simultaneously fumbling from my camera to my iphone and back to my camera, almost dropping both in my excitement. The flurry of flamingos were about 300 meters from the banks of the lake so I knew I needed to get closer. Dumping my birkenstocks, I continued to tie my dress up around my waist as I quickly ran into the water. Little did I know that the salt and rain had made a thick gluggy paste. I carefully slow to a wobbly gait as the mud made embarrassing squelching noises with every step. You see, the closer I got to the colony, the more further away these beautiful creatures seem to move. “No! Come back little birds…. I won’t hurt you…. I just want to take your picture for Instagram!!” They didn’t seem to like that idea or that I was nearing towards them. I was never going to win this game so I gave in and planted my feet firm into the mud.

Flamingos Cyprus


I snapped away furiously on my camera, stopping every now and again to remember to breathe.  As I was admiring the fluid synchronicity of the birds, a rush of happiness came over me and I felt a tear or two well in my eyes and roll down my face. Never have I ever been this moved from an animal sighting during my travels and not sure what came over me. There was something surreal, peaceful and beautiful about the encounter. Not to mention I was the only one on the lake! The photos don’t do the creatures justice but I hope you enjoy them anyways.

Now to my next mission……… to find a group of unicorns! Wish me luck.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. My feet however endured a scratch and my nose was a little pink from the sun.

Flamingos CyprusFlamingos Cyprus

Have you seen flamingos up close and personal? Where? When?

X Phoebe

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  • mia

    Wow! I wanna come over to see these beautiful birdies! xx

    • They are so beautiful Mia – you would love it here!

  • Great photos and an inspirational blog post, thanks. Here in Cyprus we are truly glad when it rains! Even the ex-pat community join in the celebrations and it is easy to see why when the rains bring such beautiful creatures as well as kick-starting the green season. So glad you completed your mission without a, getting stuck in the mud or b, dropping your equipment in the salty water. Can’t wait to get my new lens to be able to get some close-ups.

    • It has to be my highlight of the trip Andy!