Well if you haven’t already noticed from my Instagram feed, I temporarily left London last week and went to heaven. Otherwise known as the Greek Island of Kefalonia. Kefalonia is approximately 3 hours from London, and Norwegian, Monarch and Easy Jet fly directly. The reason for the trip other than my wanderlust ache, was that I was lucky enough to take part in a 7 day health and fitness retreat run by the HHH Health Retreats team.

So here is some background about my mental state before I left: I had worked 12 days straight including launching a new fitness product to the London market called TruBe, managed the launch event and also produced a two day photoshoot. My body, mind and soul was totally exhausted and in desperate need of an overhaul. After moving from Australia to London last year, the lack of vitamin D and outdoor activity had a big impact on my body. So after 8 months navigating a new city, new job and a mostly indoor lifestyle my body was ready for a pre-summer detox.


The retreat is run out of the luxurious Emilesse Hotel, nestled in a town called Fiscardo. It couldn’t be a more perfect location for a retreat if it tried. I’ve been to 37 countries and over 200 cities and this has to top off the list of the WOW factor. The hotel has panoramic views, numerous hiking trails, private beaches, secluded cliff tops, an awesome detox chef and the most magical restaurant location overlooking the Mediterranean sea. As I sit here writing this post back in London I’m trying to hone in on the peacefulness and zen the location offers. The buzzing of the birds, the trickle of the pool water feature and in the far distance I can hear the bells on the mountain goats that freely roam the island. Ahhhh daydream-ing.



The retreats cater for all different fitness levels so no matter what size, shape or fitness level you are, they can customise your week’s schedule. They offer loads of different retreats: wellness/detox, tennis and hard core retreats to name a few. From beginner to expert, the HHH team will have something for you. You can check out the full list on the HHH Health Retreats website.


I’d say I was a pretty fit person, working out most days including yoga, TruBe HIIT sessions, Pilates and the odd run. But I was still pushed to my limits with some of the days including up to 5 hours of exercise. It seems like a lot when I write it down here, but a day could include a 3 hour hike, 1 hour personal training session, an evening HIIT session and a seaside yoga class to top off the day. Don’t worry, the highly experienced team ensure you stay hydrated, fuelled and rested mixing in a few full body massages to split up your days.


The food on the retreat was an amazing detox cuisine. Like seriously, the best food I have ever eaten. AND it was all good for you. Chef Al did an excellent job by cooking creative dishes that not only tasted good, but looked like fine dining! From breakfast to dinner and snacks in between, the retreat food was something I will talk about for months to come. We even had a cooking lesson to learn a few of Big Al’s secret tips.



So the people that make all the magic happen is a London based South African born Personal trainer; Henlu van der Westhuizen and a global nomad/ Australian born chef Alan Wichert. Together, they have over 30 years experience and make an excellent team. To add to the all star line up, Jacqueline Porjes (nicked named our Spiritual guide) was our in house yoga guru. She lead our evening yoga, stretch and guided meditation evening sessions as well as the morning running options. Pepper Stewart was our retreat nutritionist and pilates instructor and supplement expert. She brings a wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge and didn’t seem to care when I would fire total random questions at her during dinner time. “When is best to take a probiotic? Do you drink with your meals? What’s your opinion on vaccinations?” Pepper was always eager to give me a well rounded answer and it was always delivered with a smile.



The team have been running 3 years of successful retreats in Greece and look to expand to other countries over the London winter (thank gosh!). Guests return year on year for their week of clean eating, copious amounts of fitness activities and all round good vibes. Everyone leaves refreshed, lighter, slimmer and I swear the circles under my eyes disappeared. I can’t recommend the retreat highly enough. If you’re looking to tone up, shed a few kilos or a dress size, HHH Health Retreats are the way to go. You will be in the total care of a very experienced team and your schedule can be as busy or as chilled out as you want. I lost 2 cms on my chest, bum & hips so I left a happy camper. Not to mention my radiating skin and smile ear to ear.

In the mean time, if you want to book a retreat for this summer or get in early for next year, mention WOOD & LUXE for £150 off your retreat price.

There are a few spots left on the following retreats:

HHH Hardcore week 6-13 June
HHH Tennis week 26 Sept – 3 Oct 
HHH Fitness week 3-10 Oct
You can get in touch with the team by dropping them an email to

X Phoebe


Leggings:  Lur’ve from Hip & Healthy
Muscle tee: Pilot Athletic from Active In Style

HHH Health Retreats was reviewed by Phoebe Greenacre who was a guest in May 2015.

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