TEACHING YOGA: Sky High at London’s Skygardens

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up nice and early to go and teach a vinyasa flow yoga class for the launch of ShakeIt’s new yoga mats, at London’s Skygardens. 36 levels up in the sky, the sun rose over the city skyscrapers as we practiced to a soothing and relaxing soundtrack. I themed the yoga … Continue Reading

INSPIRE: Introducing Yoga Inspiration Natasha Moutran

Last year just before Christmas, I sat down with the founder of The Retreat Collection, Natasha Moutran. Over a cup of tea, we talked about yoga, meditation, yoga retreats and how our partners don’t approve of how many yoga leggings we own. She is a fountain of yoga inspiration to say the least. Watch the … Continue Reading

INSPIRE: Introducing Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen is a Swedish yoga teacher who lives in Aruba with her husband and two dogs. This could sound like a very normal life, but let me give you a little insight to a very extraordinary world Rachel has created. With over 1.7 million followers on her @yoga_girl Instagram account, Rachel is a super influencer … Continue Reading

Introducing Julie Montagu – The Flexie Foodie

I don’t know how to describe Julie Montagu. If I could only use two words, they would be “Super woman.” Julie is a mum of four, a yoga instructor, book author, health coach, TV reality star and all round fountain of inspiration to her 30,000+ followers on instagram. I’ve been following Julie for about a … Continue Reading

Introducing Jenn Moore – Health Coach and Yoga Teacher

The inspire section is an exciting new space to add to the Wood and Luxe world. On my travels, I meet so many amazing people and I wanted a special place to share their stories with you. One of the beautiful things about travelling is you often have more time to sit down and have … Continue Reading