If you’ve already read one of my posts about sailing in Greece or Turkey, you will know that I’m a self confessed sailing addict. The sun, the sea, the fresh air – it all agrees with me swimmingly. A misconstrued idea is that I actually can sail. The truth is, I have not one clue where to begin with sailing. So, I enlist the services of a professional skipper to look after the sailing while I relax and soak up the sun. That’s the beauty of Yacht Getaways and Med Sailors.


This month I was lucky enough to spend 7 glorious sun filled days with an awesome bunch of girlfriends. We sailed from Split to Dubrovnik, meandering around the charming Croatian islands along the Dalmatian coast. We sailed, sunbathed, shopped, ate, drank and swam until the cows came home. If that sounds like your type of holiday, here are just a few reasons why you need to consider spending your next adventure with Yacht Getaways:


Once you board the yacht, there is nothing left for you to do other than relax, chill and soak up the sun. Yacht Getaways holidays comes with your own skipper to navigate your holiday into cruise control. It’s a complete hassle free holiday – from the cleaning to cooking and even making restaurant reservations – they take care of it all.

yacht getaways


Each morning,  fresh coffee, scrambled eggs, fruit and muesli is served onboard. All you need to do is take a dip in the water to wake up and the rest is done for you. Similarly, after an exhausting morning of paddle boarding and swimming, lunch is also cooked for you and your fellow guests. Think tuna salads, stuffed peppers and mushroom pasta. Our Skipper Balasz was an ace in the kitchen and completely spoiled our group with his culinary skills everyday.

yacht getaways


A lot of the European coastline can be overcrowded with kids and tourists. I love that your skipper can stop and drop the anchor in secluded bays, deserted islands and crystal clear coastlines. There’s nothing better than endless turquoise blue water.

yacht getaways swimming


Soak up the sun, paddle board, swim, snorkel, bike, hike and yoga to your heart’s content. Does that sound good to you? There are copious amounts of activities to keep yourself busy on the water or on land exploring the islands. You can do as much as you like or as little as you like. On our trip, I took advantage of every active opportunity leaving no waters un-swum or mountains unclimbed. But some of the girls opted for reading books and afternoon sleeps. That’s the beauty of having your own yacht; no need to keep with anyone’s schedule.

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Some of the evenings our yacht dropped anchor in a secluded bay for special local dinning experiences. These restaurants are accessible only by boat and have no menu or wine list. They serve just what they caught that day and locally sourced vegetables. And it’s these local experiences that you will remember long after the holiday ends.



With your very own yacht and skipper, you can create your own schedule and plan for each day. If you feel like having an extra swim, or leaving the marina late one morning, the choice is yours.

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Do you need more convincing?? I hope not. Yacht Getaways operate in Croatia, Turkey and Greece and cater for the 30 – 40 year old age group (yes I’m in that group now). I’m also hoping they start running trips in Montenegro and Italy too! Prices start at £590 per person twin share on an 8 person yacht or catamaran. We had the catamaran in Croatia this month and it was so roomy. We even had room to do yoga on the deck. 

For more information, visit the Yacht Getaways website  or comment below with any of your questions.

I’m hoping to squeeze another sail in before the year is up! Fingers and toes crossed.

X  Phoebe

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  • I’m not in the 30-40 category yet, but this sounds like my ideal kind of holiday. I love being able to travel slow and really soak up a destination and the idea of going to a restaurant that’s only accessible by boat sounds like a dream way of getting into the local culture!

  • It looks so wonderful and relaxing. Definitely doing a sailing holiday soon xx

  • Lisa Salter

    Hi Phoebe, having come across the link to your Tweet on the Yacht Getaways site, I am thrilled to have watched your Vlog and read your blog. We (4 adults and 4 kids) are doing this trip in 2 weeks time and if I wasn’t excited enough, I am even more so now. We are all first time sailors so a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind…..
    – Did you BYO the inflatables and paddle board?
    – Approximately how much did you spend on docking fees and fuel?
    – Is there enough room on board for each traveller to have a ‘carry on’ sized case?

    • Hey Lisa,

      Happy to help! Yes we brought our own inflatables…. you can get them locally – but super cheap on amazon to buy before you leave. The company we sailed with paid for all the docking fees and fuel so I can’t help you there. And lastly yes there is enough room for each person to take a carry on bag with them. The softer duffel bags are better then hard suitcases. Hope that helps + have fun! x Phoebe

  • Omg love the idea of this! I so want to do this.

    • It is seriously the best holiday ever! I’ve sailed twice each year since moving to London and I love it! Yacht getaways started sailing Italy this year so I’m checking it out in September. Take a look at their website – I can guarantee a great trip! x

  • Steph Leathers

    Hi Phoebe! Thanks for the amazing video! My husband and I are currently stuck between Yacht Getaways and Med Sailors – did you have a preference? What are the rooms like on the catamaran? 🙂

    • Hey Steph, Med Sailors and Yacht Getaways are the same company. I would say Med Sailors is aimed at twenty somethings – as lots of boats sail together so it’s very social etc.

      Yacht Getaways – you have the yacht and you have your own schedule – and no other boats sail with you.

      I would go for the catamaran every time as there is more space on the boat and in the rooms.

      We always book the superior catamaran as they are a little newer and larger rooms.

      Hope that helps!

      • Steph Leathers

        Thanks! very helpful!