Phoebe is a qualified vinyasa flow, power and restorative yoga instructor based in London.  After practicing yoga for the past ten years in over 15 countries, it was becoming more than just exercise for Phoebe, it was becoming a way of life.

As an ex-dancer, Phoebe loves the connectivity of breath and movement when moving the body. She now gets to share this synchronicity with her yoga students in London and abroad on yoga retreats.




Phoebe teaches private clients across Central and West London as well as corporate classes and press events.


Why take a private Yoga classes?

Sometimes, you just want to learn the basics in a one on one environment or focus on a certain skill with your teacher. With private Yoga classes, you can experience all the benefits of yoga but with an individual program. It’s a genuine gift to yourself.

Home practice – Perhaps you would like to develop a home practice tailored exactly to your body and your needs. Together you can work on a home practice routine program so you can roll out your mat wherever you like.

You choose – You choose the pace, the style and the level of intensity. If you feel like you would like a little Yin Yoga or a bit of Restorative Bliss then we can plan that into the session. If you are bounding with energy lets work up a sweat with some sun salutes and Vinyasa Flow. The joy of the individual class is that its totally your call.

What do I need? A small quiet space in your home or office where we can roll out your yoga mat.




The practice of Yoga has the potential of adding great value to organisations. Yoga stimulates clarity, creativity and concentration which are key elements in maintaining optimum results from ones work.The benefits of Yoga have been proven to enhance any work environment. While flowing through a Yoga class, the synchronisation of breath with movement promotes the health of respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular organs. Vital and de-stressed employees are motivated, productive, and more likely to create a collaborative and cohesive work environment.

My teaching style focuses on bringing awareness to the breath to help the mind stay present through the movement. I believe in creating a Yoga practice that is purifying, dynamic, and meditative in a safe and nurturing environment.

Classes aim to improve

  • Concentration
  • Stress management
  • Physical, mental and emotional health
  • Clearer perception & decision-making
  • Self-confidence
  • Increase in productivity
  • Fitness, health and well-being
  • Team relations

What you need

  • Any area big enough for a group of people to lay out mats. This can be a meeting room, boardroom or a studio can be hired. Students need to invest in their own mat which can be bought at a small cost.




An up and coming trend to the traditional ‘hen weekend’ is to incorporate a mindful and rejuvenating ‘yoga party’ for the bride to be and her friends, this can also apply to birthday parties or any celebration.

If you are organising your best friend’s party in London,  a wonderful addition to the celebrations can be a private yoga class. Here you can choose from an energetic flow class to a more relaxed yin style session. This will leave you all feeling nourished, grounded and truly connected as a group.




“I worked with Phoebe on our first yoga launch event at the Sky Garden in February, and she was a total dream to work with. The class was filled with many of Phoebes friends and yoga Inspirations, and she totally blew everyone away with her Fiery Vinyasa class. After speaking with many of the individuals after the class, everyone had nothing but kind words about Phoebe, her amazing class, and her beautiful voice to take you through each movement. Phoebe is very professional in all that she does, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Looking forward to working together in the future again”. Harvey – CEO, Shake It Social.

“I had the pleasure of attending a semi-private yoga session with Phoebe. Her positive energy radiated throughout the class, leaving us feeling refreshed and recharged. During our session, Phoebe encouraged us to go outside our comfort zone (headstands galore!) and was so supportive. Her passion for yoga and wellness makes her a wonderful teacher.”  Stephanie – CEO, Fiternity


Phoebe completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga London and an additional 200 hour advanced training with the Embodied Flow school of yoga. Phoebe has the appropriate insurance to teach at events, private lessons, studio classes and corporate yoga lessons.

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